Why I Started Replica


After my last football game at Northwest Catholic High School, I had no desire to give my jersey back to the school.

At the time, I believed it was the last time I would ever put a jersey on. I had no plans of playing college football. I was done. This is the case for most student athletes. The majority of athletes at both the high school and college level will never wear a jersey again.

It was painful to hand that NWC jersey back to coach Tyler. I earned that jersey, the same one my brother wore for two years before me. I wanted to keep it, that jersey was very special to me.

Two years later, on Christmas, my mom surprised my brother and I with our high school jerseys, the same ones we wore on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons. He got the green home jersey, I got the white away jersey. To this day, it’s the best gift I’ve ever received.

It didn’t dawn on me until years later; my mom paid hundreds of dollars for each of those jerseys. Then she added the cost of framing them on top of that. A parent should never have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to provide that moment of joy for their son or daughter.

Athletic directors and coaches shouldn’t have to either. It costs athletic departments thousands to replace jerseys. In fact, one coach told me “We seem to have an issue of seniors not returning their jerseys.” It’s become a problem for both schools and their athletes.

I wanted to provide every athlete with an alternative opportunity to keep their jersey. I also wanted that opportunity to be cost efficient for both the athletes and the athletic department.

That thought was the inception of Replica.

Now, every athlete has the opportunity to hang their jersey on the wall. Every athlete can wake up each morning, look up at their Replica, and be reminded of their time with a team, the lessons learned, and the lifelong friendships made.

Sports create opportunity, bring us closer together, and teach us a lot about life. Replica values these three things and ensures each and every athlete has the chance to remember them.

Welcome to the Replica team.

-Ty Calitri

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