Standing With Our Community

At Replica, we aim to build relationships with our customers.

This spring, we've been having conversations with thousands of parents, coaches, and athletic directors. For the most part, the interactions are based around sports. We're talking about twelve inning baseball games, lacrosse playoffs, All-American athletes, and whatever else is going on in the sports world of those we connect with on a daily basis. 

It's positive, energetic, and exciting ninety-nine percent of the time.

Our team rarely has a conversation with an individual or community that is troubling. But, there has been one in particular that has stood out to us here at Replica. It's a story that we all wish wasn't true but one that truly captures what we're about as a company; preserving a memory. 


As we made our service and product aware to athletic directors from all over Ohio, we received a response that really struck us. 

"Yes, I would be interested." Greenon High School (Springfield, OH) Athletic Director, Adam Billet said, "We had three athletes pass away this year and would love to get three of these done for the school."

As we continued the difficult conversation with Adam, our team designed three Replicas for the three young men that passed away in two separate car accidents; David Wagg, a soccer player, Connor Williams, a football player, and Kenny DePhillip, a member of the swim team and band. Once Adam gave us approval on the designs, we immediately shipped them to Greenon High. 

We were just happy we could provide help in some way to a greiving community.

The Replicas arrived at Greenon High School today and Adam Billet had an exceptional, heartwarming message for us after opening the shipment. 


He commented, "It's been a tough year losing three students... I showed one of the mothers and she broke down - happy tears! Thank you." 

We could not be happier to provide that mother with a moment of happiness and a reminder of her son.

This story is a simple, humbling reminder of what our purpose is at Replica. As students look up at those three canvases in the gym, we hope they are reminded of their friends, David, Connor, and Kenny. May their memory live on at Greenon High School and in the Springfield, OH community.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the three young men, their families, friends, and the entire Greenon High community. Go Knights.

Ty CalitriComment