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 THE replica STORY

A Jersey is more than a piece of cloth. A jersey is blood, sweat, tears, triumphs, failures, relationships, and life lessons all stitched together.

For that reason, I always wanted to keep my jersey after the final season with a team. Unfortunately, that was never an option for me. My youth leagues, high school, and even my college could not afford to replace jerseys year after year, forcing me to reluctantly return my jersey after each season.

I wanted to provide every athlete with the opportunity to preserve the memories made while wearing his or her jersey without spending upwards of $300.00 to purchase, matte, and frame their game-worn jersey. I also wanted to take away the thousands of headaches caused to athletic directors and coaches who deal with stolen jerseys, replacement costs, and budgeting issues on a yearly basis.

With all of these thoughts lingering in my mind, I designed what is now known as “The Replica”, a square, printed canvas stretched over a wood frame that is custom designed for every athlete to look exactly like his or her jersey. Since the inception in early 2018, Replica has been providing athletes with a custom product that lasts a lifetime and serves as a reminder of the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that goes in to earning a jersey and becoming part of a team.

Replica has provided thousands of athletes from across the United States with a product that I believe brings a sense of accomplishment, happiness, and teamwork. This continues to be Replica’s mission.

-ty calitri, founder

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